This is a page of testimonials from some of the thank you's sent to the Optimist Club of Oakville. We are always pleased to receive letters of appreciation for the projects and programs we support in our community. Thank you back to all of you for inspiring us to work harder and achieve more to support the children and youth of Oakville. It's true it takes a village to raise a child. Together we can!

Recently we received some thank you letters from organizations we supported that help children and youth. This one in particular was very touching...
Once again thank you. Roald Dahl said in Matilda, "Those  who don't believe in magic will never see it." We see it every day through people like you and your members."

The Oakville Curling Club sent us a lovely thank you and an "Optimist Cube" created by the Under 18 Bonspiel Curlers. There were 24 teams (96 youth) from all over Ontario. They wrote: "The event would not be possible without your generous support. The Optimist Cube is an amazing collection of creative team photos, "created in honour of you - our wonderful sponsor. We also named all of our pools after your Club Projects to generate awareness about the impactful work you do. On behalf of of all the curlers, coaches, parents, and the Oakville Curling Club - Thank you so much!"


From the Challenger Division of the Oakville Little League:
"Thank you so much for your email. We hold the Optimist Club in such high regard, so that really means a lot to us to have you say that you to want to come and do it again. Words can’t express how thankful we are to you, and the entire group of volunteers who came out, for not only everything you did to make the BBQ such a success, but for your support for this program and willingness to enhance the lives of these children and their families. You truly are an incredible group of people, and we appreciate all that you’re doing for us and the community. I look forward to continuing this relationship through the years, and for many more great BBQ’s! Thank you for all that you do. Aline, Debbie and Paul."

From the Darling Home for Kids:
"I just wanted to send an official “thank you” for the Optimist’s participation in our Family BBQ back in June! The volunteers were delightful and they did a great job manning the BBQ and keeping us all fed.  We appreciate the generous donation of their time and efforts and thank you all for helping us make the event a great success! Thank you again and look forward to next year! Meagan"

From Food4Kids
"It was my pleasure to nominate you for a Community Spirit Award. The Optimists really are the most lovely and inspiring group I have met." From the Back to School Supplies event: "One mother said it was a relief as she has 3 children and didn’t know how she was going to be able to afford the supplies. One little boy came in and was very excited with his pencil case and colouring pencils. He carried them out to the car so carefully!" From the Battle of the Chefs event: "We are so grateful for your support at the Battle of the Chefs event. The evening was a great success raising more than $16,000 due to your contribution. Indeed the Optimists are a "friend of youth". On behalf of the children we feed, many thanks for all you do. The Food4Kids Team."

From a Don MacDonald/Optimist Club of Oakville Bursary Recipient (received in 2015)
“I received an Optimist Club of Oakville Bursary Award back in 2010... I just wanted to thank everyone in the Optimist Club of Oakville for supporting students who are in need... It's people like you who keep us going, make us feel that we are doing it right, and let us know that there are always people who are willing to support us. I just finished my undergrad at University of Toronto this June and will be going to Yale School of Medicine on a full ride scholarship ($50K)... I'm one step closer to my dream of being a doctor and helping those in need. I couldn't have done it without you and your catalyst foundation. So thank you!”

From Bronte Harbour Yacht Club
"I am writing on behalf of the staff, members, and the program participants of the Bronte Harbour Yacht Club to express our sincerest thanks for the continued support of the Optimist Club of Oakville for our learn-to-sail programs ...I have had the pleasure of working with over 100 young athletes from the ages of 7 to 17. I've seen these kids develop sailing and social skills, as well as friendships through their time with us.

The contributions that the Optimists have made over these past years have allowed us to spread our love for the sport of sailing to an additional 20 kids this year from Big Brothers/Big Sisters and Sea Cadets. Our sponsored participants come from diverse backgrounds and in many cases would not have access to water-programs and other organized sports. The benefits of incorporating a more diverse group of participants cannot be understated. Not only do the sponsored kids benefit from their ability to participate, so do the others. The whole group's performance is elevated by their collective experiences. Thank you for your support."

From Grade 6 Students at St James School
We received 25 letters from the Grade 6 students and their teacher from St. James Catholic School in Oakville. Here is a sample from one of the students: "Dear Optimist Club of Oakville, I want to express my gratitude for all the kindness you showed us during the trip. Without you I wouldn't be able to enjoy and learn the cool things the Warplane Heritage Museum had to offer. I particularly loved the part where we learned the Bernoulli's Principles, with the cool effects! I want to give you tons of hugs, but alas, this is only a letter. So, all I am able to do is give you kind words and thank-yous.
Thank you to everyone at the Optimist Club of Oakville. I will never forget your generosity, kindness, and experience you gave to my class and I thank you for the funds for transportation, admission and the yummy lunch! Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Sincerely, Elizabeth."