Project Game On


Our Club collectively decided that we wanted to become more involved in sports for children and youth in Oakville. Further, we wanted to make sure that everyone got to play, regardless of income, gender or ability. We also wanted to see youth active instead of online. So we created a Project Game On Committee to research what was available in Oakville. We selected Leagues that meet that mandate in our first year of this project. We sponsor hockey, lacrosse, baseball, rugny, softball and soccer teams for boys and girls - a total of 53 house league teams! This includes teams in soccer and baseball for children with disabilities and/or autism. We also support youth participating in bowling and curling. We set the budget to ensure that we already have the funds to continue these sponsorships next year as well. Many of the leagues said they would not turn away a child because of inability to pay. We also know Canadian Tire's JumpStart Program is an amazing partner ensuring everyone can play.

Come out and support our Optimist teams!

Remember to wear your Optimist shirts and baseball hats to the games!

Soccer Teams and Schedule

For soccer, check out the schedule at and look for any of the following teams: BU8 (Boys under 8) - B4, C4; GU8 (Girls Under 8) - B2, C3; BU9 - B4; GU9 - B4; BU10 - B4; GU10 - B3; BU11 - B4; GU11 - B4;  BU12 - A4; GU12 - B2; BU13/14 - B4; GU 13/14 - B4; GU15/16 - A4. Please contact the coach to see if there are refreshments you could bring for the team. Check out that great Optimist logo on their jerseys!


Little League Baseball Teams and Schedule

Throwing out the first ballFor Little League Baseball Games, please refer to this schedule available in this Excel spreadsheet. Each tab (at the bottom) represents one of the 12 teams we are sponsoring. You can find directions to the various parks on the Little League website. As well, your attendance at the Challenger Division games as a spectator to cheer on our seven teams would be greatly appreciated. These games take place on Sundays at Cornwall Park. If you would like to volunteer to assist at these games, please contact for an application form. Please note as with all volunteer opportunities with children and youth, you will also need a valid Police Check, which is paid for by the Optimist Club for our members.

We are hoping that an additional benefit is that more people in our community will recognize who we are and what we do for youth in Oakville. We will be there to assist and cheer on our teams. See you out there! In the meantime, check out the photos of our teams.

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